Sunday, July 24, 2011

Butterflies and Goodbyes!

Goodbye sweet summertime and waitressing tables.... hello full time teaching job! I am so excited to have finally (waiting patiently of course) get hired as a full time teacher! I graduated in December of 2010 and have been a waitress (hey its good money... but not great hours) for 7 months. I am about to head into work tomorrow morning and tell them I'm peacin out share the great news of how I am going to embark my next chapter of life! I am going to teach Pre-Kindergarten! :) Pre-planning starts in 8 days. I am already thinking of themes and decorations for my classroom! But more importantly.... the curriculum! I'm thinking it will be an "All about Me" sort of vibe for the first week or so. It will help me get to know the students as well as let them feel comfortable in the classroom!

Students learn about collecting and displaying data by making graphs about classmates' characteristics.

Materials: A large piece of butcher block paper, tape, marker
  1. Introduce the lesson by discussing that everyone has similarities and differences in their appearances. Teacher says: "We all have eyes and hair. Some of us have different color eyes and different color hair."
  2. Direct the discussion toward hair color.
  3. Explain to the kids that a graph is used to show information in a different way.
  4. Go around the room and have the children tell what each persons hair color is when you point to them.
  5. Make the graph.
  6. Have them count each graph section. Talk about what the most popular color was and what was the least. *Make sure to point out that all hair color is beautiful even if it is the same or different!
  7. This can also be done with eye color or if their hair is short/long or curly/straight!
This is a simple look at how we can look different on the outside, yet be the same on the inside!